Mine Symptomer


Self-help programme for young people with persistent physical symptoms.


My Symptoms Young is an internet-based self-help programme that offers young people with persistent physical symptoms information about symptoms, explanations of why symptoms sometimes persist, and help to get better. My Symptoms Young is a redesign of the programme My Symptoms that has been adapted to a younger age group. The redesign process has been based on feedback from young people, general practitioners, and paediatricians. Alongside the redesign process, the first usability testing of the program has been carried out in collaboration with young end-users. The development of My Symptoms Young has been supported by grants from the Danish Regions and the Quality Improvement Committee for General Practice in the Region of Southern Denmark.


My Symptoms Young has been developed in collaboration with young people and adapted to be relevant to the lives and experiences of young people both with and without physical symptoms. By using the programme, you can learn more about symptoms and get help to manage your own symptoms.


My Symptoms Young targets young patients with persistent physical symptoms who are at risk of developing a long-term condition, and where it is not relevant to prescribe conventional biomedical treatment. The programme is a redesign of the similar programme My Symptoms for adults. For the refinement of the programme, further evaluation tests will be applied in order to improve usability and user experience. A particular focus will be on the best way to offer the programme to young people and support their use of it. Both general practitioners and paediatricians are involved in this work.